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A new book publsihed by Fine Arts Press with essays by

Maria Esther Fernandez, Preston Metcalf, Fabio Magalhaes and Roberto Elisabetsky, edited by Georgina Balkwell and

Kara L. de Lambert, featuring 160 pages and 90 color images of new paintings by Bob Nugent in correspondence with two museum exhibitions at the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, CA and Museum of Contemporary Art in Sorocaba, Brazil.

The book may be purchased directly from Fine Arts Press


Contemporary California painter, Bob Nugent, is discussed through the last 35 years of his art making. 108 color images are included with essays by New York critic Donald Kuspit, Triton Museum of Art Curator Preston Metcalf, and Professor Agnaldo Farias, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

A full biography is included as well as information on his most recent drawings, which measures 328 feet in length.  The artist has researched and traveled in Brazil for over 23 years, which is the focus of his work. The book is written in English and includes the Portuguese translation. Published in conjunction with a 20 year survey of Bob's paintings and drawings about the Amazon River Basil, "Bob Nugent: Under the Canopy"

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